Rules and Regulations

Century Park Villas Inc.

3857 Indian Trail, Office

Destin, Florida 32541

(850) 837-8713

FAX: (850) 424-5405

APPROVED 09 September 2017

These Rules and Regulations have been adopted in accordance with paragraph 9(b) of the Century Park Villas By-Laws: Rules and Regulations for Use of Common Property.

I.       GENERAL:

A.    Each owner of a condominium  shall be responsible for the occupancy and use of the unit as not to unreasonably disturb other residents and general operation of responsible for the actions of their tenants, guests, and invitees.

B.    Prior to the sale or rental of any Private Dwelling, the owner shall notify the Board of Directors, in writing, of the name and address of the person to whom the proposed sale or rental is to be made. An appointment will be made for the purpose of an interview to give the potential owner/renter a copy of the Condominium Documents, Rules and Regulations and general information concerning our community. There is a charge of $15.00 for these documents. Within five (5) days, a member of the Board of Directors or a member of the Welcoming Committee will contact the potential owner/renter to arrange an interview. (Declaration of Condominium XXVI. Transfer of Private Dwellings) (By-laws 4. Board of Directors (j), (v).)  

C.    No “short-term” rentals are allowed in Century Park Villas in accordance with the City of Destin Policy Directive No. 01-111: A property is a seasonal or short term residential use if it is rented or marketed for rent for a period of 180 days or less. In addition, a property that is occupied by the owner or friends and/or family of the owner for periods of 180 days or less, without compensation to the owner, is not considered a seasonal or short-term residential rental use. Occupancy limitations per dwelling unit, as are hereby established, shall not exceed two (2) adults per bedroom.  Owners are responsible for the actions of their tenants and guests.  

D.    Noise levels must be kept at a level that only can be heard from inside the unit.  Newer sound systems have been heard reverberating against the concrete walls for all to hear at all hours of the day and night.  This is not acceptable.  There is a “noise ordinance “in the City of Destin (Article ll. Noise, sections 1-10, Ord.131, adopted Nov 6, 1989, see Sec. 14-59 Violations & Penalties order #222, Nov 11, 1989).  Any owner/tenant may call the Sheriff if there is a disturbance.  

E.     Mops, clothes, brooms, rugs, and vacuum bags shall not be dusted or shaken from windows, balconies, patios, hallways, stairwells, or into trash chutes. All refuse shall be tightly wrapped and fastened in plastic bags before depositing in trash chutes and shall be of a size to fall freely down the chute. Nothing like old refrigerators, stoves, TVs, furniture, mattresses, or large boxes should be left outside the dumpsters. No flammable materials such as cigarettes/cigars or matches or any kind of flammable material shall be deposited in trash chutes/dumpster. Nothing should be left outside of the dumpsters. Owners are responsible for removing any large items from their units; if the Association removes such items and incurs any cost, there will be an assessment against the owner.  

F.     All balconies/porches are to be maintained in a neat and orderly manner. No carpet is permitted on balconies or terraces, except the ones that are enclosed. Flowerpots or any other appurtenances shall not be suspended from balcony ledges or outside walkway railings. No objects are to be hung from the railings. Holiday decorations are permitted and should be removed in a reasonable time frame.  

G.    No storage of any kind is permitted in hallways, walkways, stairwells, or in any common areas, this includes hallways in the individual storage units, located in the laundry rooms. Bicycles may not be stored on open patios and are to be hung on the outside of the individual storage units.  

H.    The Florida Fire Prevention Code, Section reads, in part: No hibachi, grill, or other similar devices used for cooking, heating, or any other purpose shall be used or kindled on any balcony, under any overhanging portion.  Section reads, in part: no hibachi, grill, or other similar devices used for cooking shall be stored on a balcony. reads, in part: Listed (read: Underwriter Laboratories) equipment permanently installed in accordance with its listing, applicable codes, and manufacturer’s instructions shall be permitted on both balconies and within enclosures.  The permitted cooking source shall be:

                                          i.     approved by the Destin Fire Marshal prior to installation;

                                        ii.     plans approved by the BOD or the Architectural Review Board prior to installation;

                                      iii.     installed per the manufacturer’s instructions;

                                      iv.     installation permit issued by the City of Destin;

                                        v.     installed by a licensed technician;

                                      vi.     UL approved for both indoor and outdoor use;

                                    vii.     120vAC electric only;

                                  viii.     firmly anchored to the floor, wall or non-combustible counter;  

I.       Storage of flammable materials or containers in or on the common property, including individual storage units, located in the laundry rooms, is strictly forbidden.  

J.      No signs, advertisements, or notices shall be exhibited, inscribed, painted, or affixed on any part of the outside of the building which includes the inside or outside of unit doors and windows with the exception of state-issued or doctor-issued medical notices which may be placed in the kitchen window. Owners can use the bulletin boards for notices and advertisements. Please do not use offensive language or personal attacks in your notices and advertisements. Please do not use the bulletin board as a forum to voice complaints. All complaints should be forwarded to the Association Office for quick resolution. Do not remove anyone’s notice but your own. Questionable notices may be reported to the office for removal.  

K.    The sidewalks, entrances, passages, elevators, stairwells, and corridors shall not be used for any other purpose than ingress and egress to and from the premises.  

L.     All short-term visitors and overnight quests must sign-in with the office as soon as possible, upon their arrival. A sign-in register is available outside the office door.  

M.   The office will maintain a roster of all owners and renters, their home addresses, and telephone numbers, which is required by the Florida Statutes. All owners MUST provide a key to their unit to the office. Any owner changing or installing new locks MUST furnish the office with a key. (Book 717 Page 649 Paragraph d) Emergency Entry into Private Dwellings: “In case of any emergency originating in or threatening any Private Dwelling, regardless of whether the owner is present at the time of such emergency, the Board of Directors of the Association or any other person authorized by it or the building superintendent or managing agent, shall have the right to enter such Private Dwelling for the purpose of remedying or abating the cause of such emergency, and such right of entry shall be immediate, and to facilitate entry in the event of any such emergency, the owner of each Private Dwelling is required by the Association, shall deposit under the control of the Association a key to such Private Dwelling“. CPV management will enter units for emergencies only, except for regular pest control, and required maintenance. The keys provided to the office will be given out at the direction of the owner for the benefit of the owner. If you do not wish to have your unit treated by the association’s pest control, the owner must have the unit treated every two months, at owner’s expense, and provide a receipt to the office.

N.    All pushcarts must be returned to the cart storage area on the first floor stairwell as soon as possible after use.  

O.    Ball playing, Frisbee throwing, skate boarding, bicycles, roller blades, scooters and motorbikes are NOT permitted in the inner courtyard area, sidewalks, corridors, lobbies, or walkways.  

P.     Owners who leave for more than three days are required to turn their water off, turn off the water heater circuit breaker and leave heat and air turned on to prevent mold.  

Q.    Feeding birds from balconies and common grounds is PROHIBITED.  

R.    Pouring grease down sinks is PROHIBITED.  

S.     Any kind of fireworks is PROHIBITED.  

T.     Wind chimes are not allowed on balcony.  

U.    Water Damage Prevention:

                                          i.     Washers and Dryers are not allowed in any individual unit.

                                        ii.     Waterbeds are not allowed in any individual unit.  


A.    The swimming pool shall remain open from 8:00 a.m. to 10300 p.m. daily, until such date each winter that the Board of Directors deems it necessary to close because of weather, and shall open in the spring, as determined by the Board of Directors. All persons using the pool shall do so at their own risk. Children under age 12 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.  

B.    Florida Law (64E-9.004 Operational Requirements) Food and Beverages are prohibited in the pool and on the pool wet deck area; animals and glass containers are prohibited within the fenced pool area, or 50 feet from pool edge when no fence exists.  

C.    “Wet Deck Area” (64E-9.002 Definition) - The four foot wide unobstructed pool deck area around the outside of the pool water perimeter, curb, ladders, handrails, diving boards, diving towers, pool slides, waterfalls, water features, starting blocks, planters, or lifeguard chairs.

D.    Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers.  

E.     Food is permitted in the pool area only in the designated area.  

F.     A resident must accompany guests not staying at Century Park Villas.  

G.    No loud music is allowed at the pool.  

H.    Service and Emotional Support animals are authorized in the pool area, providing they are  leashed at all times.  Further, Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 64E-9 reads, in part: The service animal is not allowed to enter the pool water.


A.    Live animals, including both warm-blooded and cold-blooded are not permitted in units or on Century Park Villas’ property.  The only exception to this is the following Support Animal policy:  

B.    The Declaration of Condominium for Century Park Villas, Inc. states in Section XXVI that the members are cognizant of the fact that the close proximity of the apartments and the mutual sharing of the Common Property and recreational areas can create social problems if the owners and occupants of the facilities are not compatible.  

C.    This statement is the basis of the following Rules and Regulations concerning the accommodation of a support animal.  Century Park Villas has had a no pets policy, either warm or cold blooded, for many years.  Many owners purchased their units for this very reason.  Some owners purchased at Century Park Villas with this knowledge for reasons of health such as allergies, cynophobia (fear of dogs), other animal phobias or personal preference.  These factors have to be considered when accommodation for a support animal is necessary to protect both the owners who purchased for any of these reasons and the necessity of a support animal for an individual owner.  

D.    In order to obtain a waiver for a support animal, an owner must be disabled as defined by the Fair Housing Act.  A request for the waiver must be presented in writing to the Board of Directors.  A temporary wavier waiver may be granted during the investigation process.  Documentation from a licensed physician specializing in the particular claimed disability may be requested for proper investigation and evaluation.  

E.     The owner of a support animal will comply with the following rules and regulations:  

                                          i.     The covenants of the Condominium Declaration.  By-Laws and Rules and Regulations remain in effect, including but not limited to the nuisance prohibition.

                                        ii.     The support animal will be in the control of the owner who has been granted the waiver and be on a leash at all times when outside the owner’s unit.  Any aggression by the support animal toward any person on property may be considered grounds to rescind the waiver.

                                      iii.     The owner of the support animal will avoid using the elevator or stairways when other owners are in presence.

                                      iv.     Support animals may be walked in the area on either side of the complex on the property adjacent to the parking lot, and will clean up after the animal.  The support animal may not to be walked on the sidewalks next to the buildings or in the courtyard area, except as necessary to enter or leave the property.  

F.     A waiver granted for reason of permanent physical disability is granted without expiration.  A waiver granted for reason of a disability that is deemed to be curable or treatable resulting in improvement.  is granted for a one year period and required to be verified each anniversary of the waiver.  it is expected that anyone granted such a waiver will continue in treatment and hopefully experience healing or improvement of their condition, in such case the waiver would be rescinded.  Documentation of treatment and the attending physician’s opinion of status is required to be submitted on each anniversary.  


A.    Vehicles General - All vehicles must be parked within the lines and shall be done so as not to impair other spaces and the maintenance of common property. No car shall park in the car wash or boat parking area. Unit owners have the exclusive right to park in their reserved space identified by their condo number. All others will park in the “visitors” spot.  

B.    Current License Tags - No vehicles of ANY kind are to be parked in the common/limited common parking lot without a proper license plate and/or tag that is current and up to date. (City of Destin Code 8.06.04) This will also include any boats, jet skis, and/or boat trailers that are parked on the common/limited common property. Any vehicle found in violation of this rule will be considered an abandoned vehicle and will be towed away at the vehicle owner’s expense.  

C.    Trailers - There will be no parking of RV’s, busses, tractor trailers or dump trucks, allowed at any time on the common/limited grounds. No trailers of any kind, other than legally licensed boat trailers that are parked within a single designated boat-parking slot, will be allowed on the common property for more than one day unless prior approval from the Association office is given for owner/tenant moving. Any unit owner or long-term renter that stores a boat trailer on common property must register the boat trailer with the Association office. Those in violation of the rules will have their boat trailer towed at the owner’s expense.  

D.    Boat Slip Parking Slots - No more than one boat parking slot is allowed per unit. Boat slip owners have priority. All boat and Jet Ski trailers must be parked within a single designated boat slot. In no case shall any boat trailer or vehicle be parked on the lawn or any other area of the property. Offenders will be towed at the owner‘s expense. All boat-parking slots are on a first come first serve basis. If there are no open boat-parking slots, the boat/jet ski or trailer shall not be allowed to be stored on the common property under any circumstances.  

E.     Registration of Boats/Jet Skis and Trailers - All boats and jet skis that occupy a boat slip must be registered with the office as well as any boat and Jet Ski that are stored on a trailer in the common area and must be in the name of the unit owner or long-term renter. A copy of registration and insurance is required.  

F.     Parking Spot Exclusive Right to Use - All designated common area boat parking spots and boat slots are for the exclusive right of use of owners and long-term tenants. Vehicles, boats, jet skis, and boat trailers not belonging to owners and long-term tenants shall not be permitted to be stored on the property and will be removed at the owner’s or long-term tenant’s expense. Only registered boat trailers are allowed in boat slots.  

G.    Kayaks/Canoes - Kayaks and Canoes of owners or long-term tenants should be stored upside down against the east or west fence as close to the water’s edge as practical.  

H.    Vehicle Size - All vehicles must be parked within a single designated parking spot without interference to the adjacent parking spot or common area. No Commercial sized vehicles except for day trade (only contractors doing work on the property) or delivery vehicles shall be parked on the property.

V.         BOAT SLIPS:  The Century Park Villas, Inc. Board of Directors will hereinafter be referred to as the “Board”.  Members of Century Park West Condo Association will hereinafter be referred to as “Members”.  The boat slip Assignment of Use will hereinafter be referred to as the “License”.  The License holder will hereinafter be referred to as the “Licensee”.  In an effort to provide an inviting atmosphere for Licensees using slips and Members using the docks at Century Park West, the following rules and regulations are provide for your protection.  Your cooperation in observing the following rules will be appreciated:

A.    The boat slips at Century Park West are for the private and exclusive use of the Licensees, their guests or their renters.  Members, their guests or renters may use the docks except the boat slips and finger piers, which are reserved for the exclusive use of the Licensees.  

B.    Children under 12 years of age are not allowed on docks unless accompanied by an adult.  

C.    Fishing from the docks is deemed a privilege and will be permitted for Members and their guests or renters.  No commercial fishing will is permitted.  Blocking of the walkways with fishing equipment or leaving trash or refuse on the docks will be grounds for barring that individual from using the docks for fishing.  Fishing equipment is not allowed to be mounted or attached to any portion of the docks.  

D.    Crab traps may not be used in any slip unless used in the slip by the slip Licensee, or unless written permission is obtained from the slip Licensee.  

E.     No waste material or garbage may be thrown into the bay water from boats or from docks.  Garbage shall be deposited in receptacles provided for that purpose.  Oil, spirits, inflammable liquids or oily bilges may NOT be discharged into the bay.  

F.     Noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times.  Anyone using the docks or boats shall use discretion so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance.  All boat slip Licensees and Members are responsible for making their guests/renters aware of these rules and that they are expected to abide by them.  Failure to observe these rules and regulations will be grounds for barring the individual from using the docks.  

G.    No one may board a boat without the permission of the boat owner.  

H.    Support animals are allowed on the docks, but must be leashed at all times.  

I.       Swimming or diving from the docks is NOT permitted.  

J.      No one may live on a boat.  

K.    The Licensee will abide by all terms and conditions of any Submerged Land Lease between the Association and the State of Florida, the Assignment of Right to Use Boat Slip and the Rules and Regulations as adopted from time to time.  

L.     The Licensee must advise the Board in advance of his/her intent to sell their License or rent their boat slip so that the proper paperwork may be completed and held on file in the Association office.  Any boat slip Licensee may sell his/her License or rent his/her boat slip provided that the recipient is an owner or renter of a condo at Century Park.  lf the License is sold, the following guidelines will apply:

                                          i.     Obtain a Bill of Sale from the Association Office to be used for the transaction;

                                        ii.     Complete an Assignment of Use Form and pay a $10.00 fee to the Association;

                                      iii.     The Association sets a minimum Fair Market Price as required by the Submerged Land Lease;

                                      iv.     Pay a reassignment fee of 6% of the purchase price to the Association which will be held in escrow until paid to the State or returned to the payee if not required (determined by the State when the annual report is filed);

                                        v.     In accordance with the Submerged Land Lease, the Assignment of Right to Use Boat Slip will not be filed with Okaloosa County Public Records.  

M.   Under no circumstances will renters be eligible to purchase a License although they may rent a boat slip as long as they reside on property.  If a renter of a boat slip moves, he/she must remove their boat from the boat slip immediately.  

N.    Boat and trailer registrations for all members and renters whether kept in a boat slip or parked in the parking lot, will be kept current and a copy of the registrations will kept on file in the Association Office.  If a registration expires, the owner will be given a violation notice.  If the registration is not brought current within a reasonable period of time, the boat/trailer will be towed at the owner’s expense.  

O.    Century Park Villas, Inc. assumes no responsibility for boats and equipment moored at the docks.  The Licensee or authorized condo renter causing damage to docks or other boats will be directly responsible for the damage.  The Licensee or renter agrees to keep a policy of liability insurance in full force, insuring his boat with limits of not less than $10,000.00 per person for personal injury and limits of not less than $5,000.00 for property damage.  A copy of the Certificate of insurance will be kept on file in the Association Office.  

P.     A “Master Layout” of the docks will be developed by the Board showing the name of Licensee, telephone number, boat name, registration number and slip number for each boat slip.  This will also include the names and phone numbers of persons to be contacted in case of emergency.  (Information for slip renter will be shown where appropriate.) This layout will be maintained for Association Office use only. This information will not be given out or distributed. A list containing the names of Licensees and boat slip numbers may be given out upon request.  

Q.   The Licensee must have the required U.S. Coast Guard equipment aboard his vessel, when the same is in use. (Each boat should be subjected to a USCG Auxiliary Safety inspection annually.) Only pleasure boats, in good seaworthy condition and under their own power may enter the slip/space. Boats occupying slips must be moored with adequate lines in a seamanlike manner. A boat deemed to be presenting a hazard to the integrity of the docks shall either be removed or secure in an acceptable manner. The Licensee will be responsible for any expenses that may be incurred to remove or secure the boat.  

R.   Boats approaching or departing from docks must observe the “NO WAKE LAW” to avoid damage to other boats and the docks. Boats are not to be tied to the “T” dock except to load or unload passengers and equipment.  All boats with on-board head facilities must not use the same while docked unless they have either a holding tank or a self-contained unit such as a Porti-Potti. Discharging into bay waters is absolutely forbidden.  

S.     Boat owners are expected to care for their own boats during any period of heavy wind or inclement weather. Any boat owner who may be out of the local area should designate as many people as necessary to care for their boat. Out-of-town boat owners or resident owners leaving town temporarily, are to furnish the Board with the name(s) and telephone number(s) of their authorized representative who will be responsible for their boat in case of storm or other emergency.  

T.     In the event of an emergency, the Board shall make reasonable attempts to contact the Licensee or their designated representative. If the docks have incurred damage, the Board is hereby authorized to make necessary repairs as economically as possible. The Licensees will be assessed for all repairs to the docks. The Board shall have sole discretion as to Whether any casualty repairs shall be made.  

U.    Century Park Villas, Inc. makes electric service available to each slip for use by boat owners. Any use of electricity will use three wire plugs. The Board reserves the right to assess a reasonable charge for use.  

V.    Century Park Villas, Inc. shall furnish a reasonable supply of water to the boat slips. However, if the boat owner fails to conserve water or abuses this service, the Board reserves the right to assess a reasonable charge for excessive use.  

W.  Boat owners shall not store supplies, materials, tenders, dinghies, skiffs, accessories or debris on walkways, parking lot or grounds. Any items left in any of these places will be disposed of without determination of ownership or notice.  

X.    Over head boat lifts or covers may NOT be constructed in this Marina. Boat lifts must be approved by the Board of Directors for design and operational capabilities before installation. Lifts must be installed by a licensed contractor who will obtain any required permits, approval or inspections.  

Y.    For Sale” or other signs may NOT be placed on the vessel or boat slip/space. The Board is hereby authorized to remove signs without notice to the boat owner.  

Z.     Laundry shall NOT be hung on the boat, docks or finger piers in the dock area. The Board is hereby authorized to dispose of any items without determination of ownership or notice.  

VI.      FURNITURE MOVING AND DELIVERY: Owners shall be liable for all damages to common property caused by moving furniture or other unit property.  

UNIT RENOVATION:  Owners will complete a form for Board of Director’s approval prior to any interior/exterior renovation to their unit. This includes entrance doors, windows, and balconies. Replacement of exterior doors must be six panel doors and white. Storm doors must be white and have sliding glass inserts. Windows must be white sliders or double hung solid glass windows. No awnings, shutters, or other objects shall be attached to the outside of the building. No owner may install any plumbing, wiring, air conditioning equipment, or removal of balcony enclosures without the approval of the Board. Owners shall be liable for all clean up and damages to common property caused by renovation. Owners will inform office of requirements for separate trash removal at owner’s expense. Repairs shall be conducted Monday - Friday 8 AM to 6 PM and from 10 AM to 4 PM on weekends. There will be no use of noisy tools such as chop saws, table saws, skill saws, routers or excessive hammering on Sundays.  

VIII.          USE OF FACILITIES:  Any owner desiring exclusive use of the clubhouse for a function will contact the office for a reservation. Reservations may not be made longer than 30 days ahead of use date. There will be no “standing” reservations. The clubhouse must be cleaned, inventoried and all trash removed to dumpster. If damage has occurred owner will be billed. There is no charge to owners for normal, everyday use of the clubhouse.  

IX.             CHILDREN:  Children shall not play in lobbies, stairwells, elevators, or other common areas; nor shall they create a disturbance in or around these common areas. Parents, please be responsible for your children, at all times, especially around the pool and boat dock.  

X.               LAUNDRY ROOMS:  Only owners, guests, and tenants have the exclusive right to use all laundry room facilities. The washing cycle is 30 minutes and the drying time is 60 minutes. Please be courteous and remove laundry immediately upon completion. Laundry rooms should be locked after use.  


A.    These rules and regulations will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors annually and shall be binding upon all owners, their employees, guests, visitors, tenants, and invitees. The owners shall be responsible for the compliance of said rules and regulations.

B.    All business matters between Owners and the association shall be transacted in the office (850-837-8713), during regular office hours.  

XII.            SECURITY:

A.    Any suspicious person 0r incident shall be immediately reported to the sheriff’s office.  Incidents should be reported to the Board of Directors. 

B.    Sheriffs Phone Number: (850) 651-7400 (non-emergency) 911 (emergency)

C.    No solicitors of any type shall be permitted in the building at any time.

D.    You may contact any member of the Board of Directors.  



//////////Original Signed\\\\\\\\\\


Board of Directors President



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