Green Pepper Jelly

Yield:  7-9 Jars


Directions: It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to read all instructions first, as well as preparing all ingredients in advance!

1.   Use a pressure cooker (or similar capacity vessel) of sufficient size to contain nine (9), eight (8) oz. canning jars with enough water to cover the jars with at least ½” of water.  A rack must be placed on the bottom of the pot as to elevate the jars as not to receive direct heat from the stove burners.


  2.   Prepare a hot water bath by pre-heating the water to a soft boil.


  3.   Wash the jars (Kerr or Ball) in hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly.   Repeat this process a second time. Check all jar lips for chips, cracks, or any imperfection.   If you are not convinced the jar lip will form a perfect seal, discard the jar.  Fill all jars with hot tap water and let stand until ready to fill.


4.   Wash the lids (I prefer Ball) in hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly.   Pay careful attention to the quality, condition and cleanliness of the sealing surfaces. If you are not convinced the lid will form a perfect seal, discard it.  


  5.   Once satisfied with the lids, place them in a saucepan covered with water and bring to a light boil just prior to the jar filling process.  

  6.   Open by cutting the tops from 2 Certo® packages, and place them right side up in a cup.  




 7.   Wash the green peppers.  Garden fresh peppers are the best, but Farmers Market peppers will do in a pinch.  Quarter and clean the peppers by removing the white vertical ribs as well as all seeds, leaving only the rich green rind.  Weigh the peppers to yield exactly 1 lb. 5.0 ounces.  Dice into 1 - 1½” pieces.  


  8.   Place the green peppers, dried crushed red chili pepper and the ¼ cup of the white vinegar into a food processor or blender, and blend.



  9.   Pour blended ingredients into a 6 qt. saucepot, adding the sugar and remaining 1¼ cups of white vinegar.  Stirring constantly, bring ingredients to a ROLLING BOIL (unable to stir down, 7.5 heat).   Boil for 1 minute.  


  10.  Add both packages of the Certo®, and again bring the ingredients to a rolling boil for 1 minute, stirring constantly.  Add the food coloring.  

11.  Remove from heat, and skim off the “light colored” foam.


  12.  Empty the warmed jars of their water, placing them up side down where convenient for filling.  

  13.  With a Pyrex® measuring cup, fill the WARM jars.  


  14.  Wipe jar lips CLEAN using a slightly dampened and fresh dishrag.  Drain the lids from the water bath, and place a lid on each jar.  


  15.  Snugly secure the lid rings, but not too tight.  If you are not convinced the lid ring will adequately seal, or if there is any damage to or rust on the ring, discard it.  


  16.  Using a pair of non-slip canning lifters, place jelly filled jars into the previously prepared hot bath.  If water is rapidly boiling, simply add a little cold water to bring it back to a soft boil.  


  17.  Cover and “soft boil” for 5 minutes.  

  18.  Again, using a pair of non-slip canning lifters, remove the jars from the hot bath.  


  20.  Remove preserves to a location where they can cool for 24 hours UNDISTURBED. 

NOTE:  Jelly can be kept un-refrigerated for several years.  Once jar is opened (seal is broken), refrigerate.