What:  In speaking with a number of owners and residents, we have elected to publish a Century Park Villas News Letter.  

Why:  To keep all owners and residents informed on upcoming activities, events, Hale and Farwell, 'Garage Sales', birth and graduation announcements, restaurant reviews, vacation photos, sharing personal interests/hobbies, letters of introduction, want adds, for sale adds, etc.   

When:  The inaugural news letter will be post Annual Meeting, 2011.

Who:  The success of this new letter is SOLELY predicated on owner/resident participation and input.  Therefore, items to be included in the upcoming News Letter must be submitted by either using this form, or by contacting the Webmaster directly by email

How:  The news letter will be posted on the this website as well as hard copies made available on the bulletin boards.   Additionally, copies will be sent to owners and renters with registered email addresses.   Use this form, or contact the Webmaster directly by email to register your address.

To All Owners;

As we have observed numerous and persistent instances of trespassing onto our property, the Board of Directors is requesting all owners to instruct their guests and visiting family members to sign the registration book in the office hallway as soon as possible upon arrival.  This is being asked ensure the safety and security of all owners, guests and tenants staying or visiting at Century Park Villas. Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.   Thank you.


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